+ What is CS Lab?

CS Lab is a color science & digital film lab, processing digitally acquired footage to adopt the look and characteristics commonly associated with film capture.

+ What is a digital film lab?

Digital Film Lab

A modern post production facility for the motion picture industry, which works in many ways just like a traditional film lab. However, instead of dealing with photochemical processing of film negatives, they handle math based data processing of digital negatives. And so on.

If you are familiar with traditional film labs, working with a digital film lab should be smooth as a breeze.

+ How does the process work?

The comparative guide:

Instead of sending cans of unexposed film for processing, you will be sending us harddrives with unaltered digital footage. We charge by frame count instead of film length, and deliver files resembling log scans. We also offer display conversions for those interested in the digital equivalent of a photochemical finish.

The step by step guide:

Step 1. The client books a project with us, and if we're available for the given deadline, we set up the project. Some forms are filled out to make sure everything is carried out as intended.

Step 2. The client sends us the digital footage for processing.

Step 3. We processes the footage as requested in the forms. The end result will usually be either footage in log gamma for subsequent grading, or a display prepared master.

Step 4. We send back the processed footage.

If file sizes are manageable an online file transfer client can be used as an alternative to shipping harddrives.

+ Where in the workflow does the color science step take place?

Anywhere you like!

Our color science was originally designed as a step just after the edit and before the color grading. Giving the creatives a starting point similar to that of a log film scan, rather than Log C.

alt text

The advantage here is that you would only have to process the frames used in the final picture rather than everything that rolls through the gate.

We do however strive to be able to help with any step our clients are interested in, whether it's dailies, testing different processing options or developing a custom look for a project!

For scenes including CGI elements, it can be an advantage to have the final composit go through our color science algorithms for a smooth integration of the VFX elements into the spacial and temporal attributes of the digital emulsion.

+ For which cameras do you offer digital development?

We are currenly serving Log C footage from all ARRI Cameras:


+ How do you recommend shooting the ARRI cameras?

Our general recommendation for current products is as follows:

ISO: 800

WB: Scene Neutral

Exposure: Normal Exposure

Gamma: Log C

Resolution: 1:1 photosite-to-pixel

Compression: RAW or ProRes 4444 XQ

However, some scenes might call for a different approach. See CS Lab and the Cinematographer for more information.

+ Do you offer push/pull processing?

Yes we do! We have three options:

Push +1

Push +2

Pull -1

See our CS Lab and the Cinematographer white paper for more information.

+ Do you offer dailies?

We may be able to help with dailies on a given project.

Please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do!